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Thread: Big Guitar

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    My dad told me if I can get this song or, find the artist I can get kazaa! So anyways there are a bunch of people who have the same song with the same title (big guitar). So, it has been a long search. Thats why I have turned to you guys here.

    But, anyways when he sings about his guitar he is referring to his... well you know. Here are some of the lyrics.

    "It moves and, grooves so naturally
    It will feel so good to you and, me
    don't worrie about it
    if it gets too hot
    just sit back and, let your body rock

    So, can anyone help and, tell me who sings this?

    Oops wrong bored.

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    in movie world?!!!!!!

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    Oops wrong bored.
    Dude, if I knew how to change it to another bored I would. But I think thats a mod only feture.

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    yeah, only the mods can change it, and I dont think they are very active in movie world so you'd best start this topic again in musicworld and wait for a mod to remove this one


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