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Thread: Not Recieve Incoming Connections

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    i had been using bitorrent shadows's for quite some time already, and most of the downloads i had experience is that they always shows yellow

    which indicates that i have not recieve any incoming connections from other

    and i have a dedicated high internet connection, and cause of this i only can download at a maximum 2kbs! and no one is sharing from me

    well... obviously there was only 2 peers and 2 seeds! although in supernova it claimed to have 110 seeds and 3000+ peers!!!

    i do have a norton firewall installed, and i selected 'block all incoming connections to this program'

    but wait, i did this to nova and the other client as well, but my download speed is my maximum download speed which my ISP allowed!

    so what is wrong? the bitorrent's shadow's client

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