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Thread: Found This Site

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    Hey found this site if you wanna have a look

    This guy put a PC's cd rom in his car to listen to CD's.

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    a long time ago, someone jacked my cd player in my car, so I used a portable discman to run my stereo, at the time I had two amps and a crossover so all I needed was source, had it for months until i broke down and got a new deck
    worked amazingly well, my friends thought is was ghetto

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    yeah i bloody hate using a portable cd payer on the car stereo. Its a pain in the ass. The damn tape with the cord got stuck in my deck and to make it worse the cord unplugged from the tape and it wont eject so im stuck with the radio

    Im planning on buying a MP3 deck with a 16gb hdd for my car.

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    no, I had no deck, no cassette player, just a mini plug to rca, sometimes I would use the headphone jack for the extra bass(bass boost) but most of the time used the line out

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    LOL at least you had music to listen too


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