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Thread: Installed Hitman 2

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    I had dwnlded hitman2 off k-lite a few months back(4-5) and when i installed it i got an error message. Last month I bought a pirated cd of hitman2 and again i am greeted by: Visual Basic Runtime Error in hitman.exe . Im not sure about the exact message because it only appeared the 1st time, after that whenever i've tried to run it a black screen appears, like the game is about to start, then it comes back to windows.
    In the "scenes" folder(in hitman2 folder), i found .zip files in various folders, so i unzipped them into the folders in which i found them. But this doesnt seem to have worked.
    Any help appreciated.
    (dont tell to buy the CD because they are expensive for ppl in 3rd world countries+those ugly import duties.)

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    are you sure that your pc can run it? i d//led a version off of kazaa that was a rip and it worked fine for me. try searching the vertifieds section. thats where i got my version from i think.
    Post your specs mite b ur pc cause the d/led version should hav worked and what do you mean you brought a pirate copy? off of a m8? or a street dealer?

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    Try going into the options of hitman and change the render to "OpenGL"

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    that hitman2 game u got off of kazaa the ripped one how big was it
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    dunno hwo big mine was when i d/led it but my folder of hitman 2 is now 450 -so mbs big. i think the d/l was something like that aswell

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    Originally posted by Gre1@30 October 2003 - 17:19
    Try going into the options of hitman and change the render to "OpenGL"
    It worked!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHHH. I thought i needed some special card to run it on OpenGL.
    May you have a million children or whatever it is you want a million of.
    Thanks again, you've made me a happy man

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    peerzy, delete ur sig, its to big!!

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    ...and now im not such a happy man
    Its a lousy rip. I cant save AT ALL. Some missions are missing. some controls are missing( ALT for lying down). And this stuff(from a the game directory):

    The following features are missing or incomplete from this preview code.
    Real-time shadows
    Facial Animation
    Level GFX
    Final AI and Path finding and character scripting
    Finished Cut scenes/Intros/Sequences
    Full collision
    Final animations
    3D Sound
    1st person mode
    Final lighting
    Final weather effects
    All weapons
    Special Effects
    Final weapons handling
    Control adjustments
    Are most games from k-lite like this? Are the CD image(.iso..) games like this too (lacking in certain features.) ?

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    iso's are the full cd image so its basicly what you would buy in the shops but free they are missing noothing usually unlless someone has mucked around with the files inside the iso.

    if u hav broadbnand and can arord to leave ur kazaa on all night and day download iso's and bin's but if you got 56k dial upp you better stick to rip's other wise you might find your internet bill more expensive that what it would cost to buy the games


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