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Thread: Call Of Duty?

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    Oct 2003
    I saw the promo thing that was on Suprnova and it was a big tease man, what the hell! Anybody know when the full version will be on SN

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    It was supposed to be released yesterday.

    Infinity Ward
    First-Person Shooter
    Origin: U.S.
    Number of Players: 32
    Release Date
    October 29, 2003.

    There are a bunch of files on eMule claiming to be Call of Duty from sharereactor, but they must all be fakes because sharereactor has not posted it on their website.

    This game look Great. i just wish we could get some games of this quality set in the year 2000. and all the modern weapons.

    WTF is with all this fascination with WWII. i guess the game developers are showing their age.


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