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Thread: Mirc & Opera 7.21

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    i just installed Opera 7.21 and i can't get mIRC to open automatically clicking on a packet number at ircspy. it says the address is unsupported, so how do i make it supported? i looked all through the preferences but have come up short.

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    in the tutorial here on k-lite it mentions use ircspy through ie...i see why it mentions it. use it through ie.

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    i've tried a couple of scripts but they didn't work. i like opera a lot better than ie and want my irc links to work from it

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    It is possible to get Opera to handle mIRC links. BUT even after that you will have a problem. In IE, when you click the packet number, it opens mIRC and copies the dcc send command to your clipboard. With Opera, when you click the packet number it will open your mIRC, but it won't copy the dcc send command to your clipboard. I use IE for mIRC, Opera for everything else.

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    that's not too bad, i just want it to open mirc. it will still connect to the channel right? in ircspy, i can see what bot and number it is so i could just go to bot's name right click and choose xdcc send and enter the number and that's it. please tell me what scripts u got to work

    i figued it out, this is how u do it for those that want to know:
    go to preferences/ programs & paths, click add, type irc in protocol field, and click to use mirc.exe. and ur right, the trigger is not copied -- too bad


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