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Thread: The Bill - Live Tonight

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    any1 gonna watch it? its live - there bound to mess up

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    Yeah i shall be, will be interesting to see the cock ups. ill be posting in here after to point out what i noticed......

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    Could'nt see any cockups maybee they wer'nt told it was live.

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    lol, me neither, just some dodgy camera angles

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    are we talking abotu the TV show the bill

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    Watched the whole LIVE episode last night.........erm no major cock-ups though, bit of shame really was just hoping for someone to dry up Big-time...also have u ever noticed with these live episodes (ER and Coronation st did them also) , everyone overacts, i mean that young copper was overacting to f**k!!! anyone see the police car roof doubling as a crash mat also in the last scene??? A police car with a spongy roof
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