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Thread: Emule / Mirc + Zonealarm4

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    I loaded the PG database into my ZA4 and was wondering if I do this do I still needa set up the ipfilter in eMule? For example, when I let ZA grant eMule permission to access the internet/act as a server, does the connections that come through eMule still get blocked my ZA or do they get through (which would mean I would needa set up the ipfilter.dat too). Same for KL and its IP blocker, its just I prefer for blocking all the time, not just when I fileshare, hence using ZA.

    And I posted this in another section of the forum, but here might be more appropriate... has anyone heard of anyone getting caught using mIRC, say to DL movies. Like only using mIRC and getting a nasty letter from say the MPAA? Is it possible for them to monitor mIRC in the same way as p2p?

    Finally, I heard that they were tracking people using cracksites, like going to a site to DL and crack for a game and getting cracked?, can you actually get 'busted' for going to say one of the popular cracksites and DLin' some?

    Thanks for any help

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    DO NOT depend on ANY firewall proggie to block anything. Every firewall I have tried has 'leaked', and I got nasy email letters. So far, using the PG ip blocklist with the built in ip blocking programs in Klite++ & eMule etc., NO nasty email letters.
    Also, this lets you surf the web, do updates for your antivirus proggy and windows etc., etc., etc., with no problems while at the same time blocking those & other companies from checking on your p2p file sharing.

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    You can install the IP's you want to block into ZoneAlarm
    and if your worried about "leaks" use the leak test here

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