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Thread: Idlicl

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    I downloaded a porno clip, bout 3MB. And it had one of those annoying things where it brought up IE and went to something like
    Just kinda scared me cause it sounds like a wierd kinda address. And when I searched
    idlicl on yahoo I seen only a few results, but one had a guy with it blocked in his firewall too. Though the site doesn't come up (unable to display page) would they still be able to get my IP even with this unable to display message?
    Incase its a crappy company and I'm a newbie it'd be just my luck.
    A Newbie

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    I tried pinging the and it gave me error 65, it showed me the IP and I had it in my blocked IP range in ZA. Is this the reason for the page not displaying and should my IP therefore not be 'exposed' to them?

    I took the firewall off and pinged to check that, thats what it was so hopefully the only thing they know is that I pinged them.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you get an IP in the range 66.117.2.xx which PG shows who ever the fuck that is. If you have that range blocked in ZA they can't get your IP since it dosen't allow the outbound traffic thus displaying an empty page...

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    I did this
    and it said
    transfer error 10050
    transfer error 10050
    transfer error 10050
    transfer error 10050

    So I disabled ZA and tried again and it said

    ping timeout
    ping timeout
    ping timeout
    ping timeout
    (or something like this),
    so they must have been ignoring my pings the second time while I presume ZA blocked the ping the first time. So I looked this IP up in the blocked list I imported into ZA from the PG database and it said And Anytime I remember trying to access the site (cause I was curious as to what it was) I kept getting page not available which I presume was ZA blocking it. I just hope I didnt do anything stupid like disable ZA and goto the site address it tried to send me.(Which I'm 90% sure I didn't, cause the page never was displayed).
    So then I took ZA off again, went to and entered into it and it brough up an html page with nothing but "Thank You" written on it!

    But my question is, how could they 'get you' with this method?, somebody could email me that link and say look at this movie (without me ever having KL installed) and they would think I DL'ed this thing !!

    Anyways, you think I should be ok from what I've told ya?

    Thanks again.

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    Sorry, lastly,
    The site showed Page Cannot Be Displayed in IE, but shows nothing in the ZA logs.
    While Nothing happened in Netscape, but showed an Outgoing block in ZA.

    Plus, accessing the site in Netscape through brought up the "Thank You" website with ZA on, while IE didn't. But upon disabling ZA and accessing it through Anonymizer with IE it showed?

    Why does the outgoing block only show when I use Netscape (though it still APPEARS to block in IE). As far as I can see, both Netscape and IE are configured the same in ZA.

    Thanks again again.

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    Odd, mine blocked with IE, perhaps the block is just duped though it shold still show IE in the block log with that IP attached, can't say, don't worry to much though. I imagine if anything when they get an IP from someone they may just load it on their scanners, if you have a dynamic IP, just dump your current...

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    Just so you know:
    idlicl seem to have the same IP range as xbmc as you pointed out. I went to their site and it said this

    "About XBMC

    We sell advertising to businesses that wish to market to the 70 million plus users of peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications are the new frontier in digital media distribution. At any moment in time, these systems have millions of simultaneous users seeking and downloading all types of digital content. In one month, more than 2 billion music, movie, picture and text files are traded between users of these systems. XBMC has the technology to control these file transfers and to embed highly targeted advertisements, generating tremendous opportunity for its clients."

    "Our Services

    XMBC offers it clients up to millions of impressions per month from users of peer-to-peer file trading applications. These impressions can be directed to a client's website as in traditional web advertising. The impressions could also be used as brand or product awarness as in radio and television advertising."

    So it seems they imbed these things into files so market advertisements?
    It that was that is?
    Your thoughts?


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    They most likely are an AdWare company...


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