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Thread: Counter-strike Condition Zero

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    I played the condition zero that I downloaded off of bit torrent. I think it is a really bad game, but I have a question, is this the real condition zero. Here is why I ask. Valve had ritual make counter-strike condition zero, but when they let people test it out, it turned out to suck so bad, they canned that plan and hired another group, turtle rock or something like that I believe to redo the whole game. The final game was going to include a few of rituals mission in a hidden section for a bonus, but it was not going to be based on it at all. Now from what I have gathered, the beta I got off of bit torrent looks just like the ritual release. And the fact that it plays really bad confirms this since this is what every one thought and is why valve canned it. The new turtle rock version you are supposed to be able to choose your bots for allies on each mission and the new screen shots include things that look like nothing from the release I have. Most of this information can be found at CS Nation. Does anyone else think that this might be rituals release? Maybe I am playing something different than everyone else.

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    i confirm its not the version they're releasing.


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