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    Loads of decent stuff going up from these guys, especially with DTSHD audio tracks but a lot of it is passworded

    any ideas of how to get them?

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    Already gotten a bunch of it, is all either no-recode or recoded to BD25 size, with full DTS-HD/MA (English).

    However, no commentary tracks included (on those titles with it), and so far no TrueHD titles (or audio recoded to DTS-HD).

    FYI, there are some folks out there doing BD25's that 'stupidly' include DolbyDigital and/or DTS at the same time they have TrueHD or DTS-HD/MA, as DTS-HD/MA includes DTS as a core (and can be extracted by ALL DTS decoders ever made!), and the newer TrueHD has followed the same route (where all DolbyDigital decoders can extract the stream from TrueHD).

    I've spent a lot of time trolling for posted things in this size range, and have found that either folks are recoding to DVD9 or just above in sizing, or in the 14-17GB range, which to me is really bizarre. If the original size is >25GB (video+audio), then pulling it down just a bit to BD25 sizing is smart; not including very low bitrate (dolby2channel or recoded to OGG/Vorbis, but the bitspace used is VERY low compared to DTS-HD/MA or TrueHD), doesn't make much sense to me.

    Again, as I've pointed out in another thread, the costing of BD25's (~$2.40) is such that trying to go to multiples of DVD5/9 is a bit of a stretch.
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