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Thread: Should I Have... [linux People]

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    ok i have my awesome crappy 56k modem and stuff but cant get online when i get on my linux so i bought this [good] modem that has a disk for the linux drivers off of ebay today for $15... my question... should i have done that? i mean its just fifteen bucks!

    oh and i also might need some help on setting up my connection so pm me if you can help on that when i get it

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    first all, is linux that important, do u really program alot??, cuz linux sucks for games and downloading

    seconds, 15 isnt bad

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    If i was you i will keep on trying to fix that modem to make it run under windows
    99% of modems to date should be able to run under windows environments

    As for Linux stability is greatly superior to most windows versions
    but software companys normally make programs for the mainstream market
    (ie Microsoft)

    in other words only a few people care about linux and its petty extistance

    At the end of the day it is up to you!
    If you like things to run your way for more than half the time > stick to windows

    how ever this dose not fix you problem!
    Telling us what windows version you have will be a start
    and also your modem manufacturer and model.


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