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Thread: Windows Xp Home Edition Help Needed

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    I downloaded XP Home Edition off SuprNova and it did not have the serial key with it...can someone pls send me a key that will not need activation....I already have XP Pro and i lost the CD and the Pro i downloaded off SuprNova has some problems...XP Home can someone supply me with a key that is OEM so i can install it without activating...

    Thanx a lot

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    Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!

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    ZaZu's Avatar I know stuff ...
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    Search Kazaa for "xpkey.exe"
    its 48kB

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    open the nfo file in notepad, sure they included one

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    xp home and pro all need activating, xp corp doesnt. as mentioned before search for and download "XPkey" by "the bluelist" and make yaself a new key, i went into detail ages ago about activation HERE read through and see if it makes sense to you, if not download xp corp

    edit..... ive just seen that it was you in the linked post that asked this the last time so if you didnt get it then you wont now i suppose, just download corp

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    why dont u just download the win xp pro with sp1 integrated that lamsey posted in the verifieds but dont download it by using emule download it by using overnet i got like 40 - 50kb/s constantly.

    much better than win xp home

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    Originally posted by ZaZu@31 October 2003 - 07:53
    Search Kazaa for "xpkey.exe"
    its 48kB

    Yeah, lol, dam thats good.


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