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Thread: The Atapi In Windows Xp

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    I need to know where are exactly these files because i think they are corrupted,
    so i need the information to erase them and replace with others...

    Is there a software to do this?

    Thankx,and sorry,my english sucks...

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    ur english is ok, how's ur google?

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    nikita is hecka mean

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    Originally posted by mts04988@30 October 2003 - 21:43
    nikita is hecka mean
    well, what do you expect? the guy did not even clearly state a problem, or a basic technical comprehension of what drivers are drivers & how they work. i doubt that it has much to do with whether his english is good, as he prolly would've failed to describe the problem in his native language as well.

    if you get new drivers for XP and install them, it does not MATTER where the old ones are-- they do not have to be erased because the simple act of installing them either erases or disables the old ones.


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