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Thread: Which Isp For Broadband?

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    I'm considering getting broadband. But i don't know which ISP to go for.

    at the moment, i'm using AOL for 56k, the connection is reliable (fairly), speed is 45.333kbps, it costs me 15.99.
    So, i think AOL isn't a bad choice for ADSl. it costs 120 more per year (19.99 for 3 months, 27.99 for the other 9), no other costs. + free tech help.

    Freeserve and BT both works out to 132 more (27 each month) per year, but i don't want freeserve ('cos it failed me twice). Plus net works out to about 120 more (26 each month), but aparently there's a problem with p2p with this package.
    And, i can't get NTL in this area of UK.

    i don't know much about other ISPs.

    So, which ISP should i go for? AOL?

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    I did my research over a year ago, but the one i picked was eclipse internet, they're good, and their minimum contract is i think 2 months (as opposed to a year at most places). I just checked it out at which has tons of info on providers and it still looks good

    Eclipse was named "Best Business Broadband Provider for 2003" by the ISPA.
    In the ratings it consistently beats AOL , but that doesn't prove much cos AOL sucks

    Edit: I think Lamsey uses this one as well, try doing a search of the forum as this sort of thing has been discussed before. Also if you sign up, maybe Lamsey would want the referral points


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