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Thread: Windows Xp Stuck On Wallpaper

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    After installing Windows updates and rebooting, I get stuck with just my background image loading up, no icons or taskbar....any ideas?

    ...before resorting to restore.


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    have you tried booting to safe mode and then rebooting? sounds like a fault with explorer

    edit....what updates did you install? any drivers?

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    Stop....... Don't restore.....

    Right click on your desktop> show desktop icons.....

    Oh and get rid of that XP wallpaper, don't be a Micro$oft whore all your life.

    Edit. Oops, sorry. You don't have a task bar? That's not good. When you visited Windows Update, did you install the video driver? You could try rolling back to previous driver.

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    this happend to me when i instaled service pack1 and then tryed to us a crack to reactivate. Unforutntly system restore would not work so i had to resolve to format my harddisk. But i then started from scratch and partioned my hardisk.This is a good idea as you have a save backup

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    System restore seems the best option to me here


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