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Thread: Mobile Phone P2p?

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    Here is the story from the BBC.

    So, do we think this will catch on? And if Riaa is so desperate to stop p2p, why is this being developed?

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    If you believe the mobile phone companies, everything we currently do today on a PC we will do in the future on a handheld device.

    I think it's a little bit too soon to be pushing this idea though..

    Originally posted by BBC article

    Its peer-to-peer system gives users their own storage area into which they can upload images, music files and games for use on their handset or to pass on to anyone else.
    This approach would very easily be shut down by the big corporations if they start to get any sniff of widespread copyright abuses..

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    well with 3G phones now having connections of 400kbs faster than some internet connections its very possible, however the phones are cumbersome and useless at the moment, i suggest waiting a few months for the size to go down

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    I'm not sure, I think the internet access through a mobile phone is too expensive at the moment - we have to pay for each minute we're online. It's better on the computer for now.


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