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Thread: Racing Games?

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    Im Looking For A Good Racing Game. Anyone Recommend Any Good Ones For Ma PC!

    Hopefully One That Will Run Smoothly On My PC


    Pentium 4 2Ghz
    256DDR RAM
    nVidia GeForce 4 64MB

    Thanks B)

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    Grand Prix4 by Geoff Crammond is imo still the best F1 simulation and runs smooth om my Pentium III 800 Mhz with Geforce2 Ultra 256 Mb so it must run great on yours.
    Superbike 2001 is also a nice one.
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    K Thanks nostalgia Il Check Those Out - Any More Recomendations?

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    nfsu but its not out

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    super mario kart
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    GYGABYTE ATI Radeon 9200 128MB

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    Colin McRae is supposed to be the best rally sim, a lot of people like Need for Speed, and I have heard good things about a few of those games, theres Nascar that has yearly updates (search for the most recent), TOCA race driver is supposed to be fun, and there is Midnight Club II which is supposed be a pretty fun but consoley game.

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    OK, Thanks A Lot, I May Have To Have A Downloading Spree On Racing Games Tomorrow

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    im not sure if any of these are for pc (im more of a concel gamer) but there great games, i hope you can get for pc. if you like animes or fast in furiose you will enjoy auto modilista lots of cool cars many options bodykits spiolers rims paint stickers so you can make the cars look dope but the gameplay is very easy but easy somthimes=fun. burnout point of impact this games is just nuts. tokeyo exteam games are good racing games

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    i sugest Ford racing 2 its kick ass game & only 200mb full game bin image go grab it if u didnt did it yet its all over the bitorrent B)


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