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Thread: Max Payne 2 And Bittorent

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    ok not sure where to post this so its going in gameworld, bcause its about max payne 2

    i already got the game off of kazaa and it works but i deleated it and i wanted to burn it and now i dont want to spen another werk d/ling it so i d/led bittorent and herd how good it is. i got shadows version. and i clicked on the version from bittorent. now i hav to enter a special PORT and HOST because i hav to use SOCKS VERSION 5 because of my networking and stuff. now how do i change the settings on shadows expirement so what it will connect and that i can download it and upload?

    any help wod b good plz


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    comon ppl? i know there will be a way and i know how to get to the settings but i dont know what to change bcause i need to change it to SOCKS VERSION 5 wiv my HOST as and my port as 1080.

    Please not dont try to hack me because i hav all the anti-hacking software, firewalls and nortan system works

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    common anyone. i tried everything i can think of but i just dont know where to pout each bit of my settings


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    Don't know much about this sort of thing, but with the azurues client you can select which port.

    Don't know if it will help but it's worth a try. It also a better program in my opinion.

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    Why not get one of those deleted program "restorers." It restores programs from beyond the Recycle Bin. You can search Google for one.

    EDIT: I use this Burst client which seems to be much easier. I didn't have to select ports or anything with it. Look in filesharing and the Other p2p programs part and look for the Guide to using BitTorrent. You can find where to get Burst from there.

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    iv tried all the recomencdations of bittorent and i cant set the right port and stuff

    has anyone had this problem or can anyone help plz plz plz

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    Do you have MSN that I can talk to you on or anything?

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    yeah i hav msn i will pm u wiv my addy

    EDIT: check your PM

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    hows bittorant compare to gettin it off kazzaa? Im trying to get mp2 but only two users have it, when usually it takes me only a few hours to get a game tis may end up taking me weeks. Any other options?

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    its unfortunate that bittorrent is beating kazaa in many ways, corruption and speed have kazaa beaten


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