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Thread: Downloading Frontp**e

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    Not sure if it's OK to ask this, but now that I've downloaded FrontPage 2002 and I put it in My Downloads and scanned it with Norton, how do I obtain the Key or Crack code to actually use it? Is there a difference between a Key and a crack code? Same thing? Does each separate download have a different code or is the Key or code the same for every copy of same version of software? (Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I don't know and don't know who else to ask.) Thank you.

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    6. Posts that contain direct download links to copyrighted software, private ftp sites, serial numbers, warez sites, and hacking sites are prohibited. Posts directly or indirectly related to any of this information will be edited. Hacking discussions are strictly prohibited within the forum. Sig2dat quicklinks and hashes are NOT considered to be DDL, therefore allowed.
    a crack is a software that unlocks the trial date lock and let you use the software as though it was licenced copy

    a key is just a licence to use the software, a key generator is a software that generates keys that will allow u to use the software as licenced.

    and no we can't tell you where to get it

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    you might want to search on google for astalavista just maybe, but not for getting cracks or anything.


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