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Thread: How I Can Record Streams?

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    lovely night and evening to wherever you are now,
    I post this, cause Wizzandabe and muchspl1 asked me to
    send them a recorded stream. It is also good sometimes if
    you found a good radio with a FUNNY DJ you want to show
    your relatives and/or friends. Or you found the show so nice
    that you want to hear it every morning, on your way to work :)

    I will present you some tools with which you can record
    streams - IMPORTANT: Normally, if you look on copyright, it is
    I think not allowed to record streams, that is why it is hard to find
    these tools. So, it would be nice if you - if you wanted to share
    recorded streams - add information on date and radio station in the
    mp3 file :) so the source is easier to find.

    [S T R E A M Recording]

    1. Magicsofts SoundCapture 1.0 (Freeware), Size: 734KB

    This is a real small and nice tool with which you can record all your "Mixed Audio Output", means: everything you hear on your speakers you can record! It is not especially made for stream recording, but during listening to a stream you can record it, that is the tool I currently use. <-- only the official website no longer
    exists, I do not know why? just search on google for "Magicsofts SOundCapture 1.0" --&#62; here is a direct download link (from my site&#33;):

    2. RIPCast ~1.5MB (Not Freeware, but worth to see&#33;)

    With this tool you can rip songs directly while you are listening.
    Means: It can save the songs as many mp3-files or save the whole
    stream as one file.

    LINKS to AUDIO Tool and Streamrecording


    --&#62; there you find many informations about audiotools
    & videotools as well as its descriptions as some of you may know.

    Thesee above are only the best tools I think for me.
    If you know more, please let me and the other Kazaa Users know ~thanks.
    There is also a tool called Streamripper32, but after trying record Wizzandabes
    stream I only got a very small file although it showed me during recording 17mb :(

    thanks anyway and ~nice dreams...


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    Why not just open the file in your cache with WMP, which will associate the file to WMP .......then drag it where you want it?

    Assuming it is a file that was streamed with WMP....

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    in your cache, how to do that? where is the cache?
    c:&#092;w i n d o w s?

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    Originally posted by October 2003 - 20:15
    in your cache, how to do that? where is the cache?
    c:&#092;w i n d o w s?
    if ur using xp then
    c:&#092;documents and settings&#092;<your user name or default if no username>&#092;local Settings&#092;Temporary Internet Files

    if older version of windows
    then just c:&#092;windows&#092;Temporary Internet Files
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    TOTAL RECORDER works fine for me. Records live streaming audio, and other audio if needed.


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