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Thread: Virtuagirl Program

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    Hello all,
    If anybody can help me out right quick, I would REALLY appreciate it.
    I downloaded a version of virtuagirl,and it said it was the full version(appr 24MBs),but when I went to install it...I clicked on the EXE file and it didnt do anything. Im stumped.
    I am trying to get the full version with the big girls on it, instead of the trial version I have with the little bitty girls that come out by your clock.
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    What you want to do is just get the normav version from the site, then just download all the girls from kazaa. KEEP your AV on during this process!!!! I mean it 50% will be virus.

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    if it didn't do anything ... virus.

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    get a good av and some real porn
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