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Thread: Ripcast Warning? Serious?

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    Ok, I recently got this tool to rip radio streams called
    RIPCast 1.4 PRO and downloaded the crack as well.

    And after starting the tool, it show me:

    "... WARNING!!!

    You are using an ILLEGAL copy of RipCast.

    Your IP Address
    [ ]
    [ ]

    has been logged and will reported to authorities if you continue to use RipCast ILLEGALLY.

    If you want to continue to use RipCast LEGALLY you must register the software here before any legal action is taken. ..."

    I exited it then. But is it really serious warning? Would I get into
    jail!? Would I be executed? What I should do, expect of buying the tool?

    thanks anyway, david.

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    They probably wouldn't bother taking you to court over that(unless it's a really small company with a jackass boss)

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    hmmm... if they have my ip at that time...

    they get my phone number from my dialup...

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    Maybe you could try looking for a different program (maybe a freeware program) which does the same thing, and use that instead? Just for peace of mind.

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    thanks guys - there is also RipCast 1.3.2 - a former version which is still free,
    but has not all features.

    I was only concerned.

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    they problably not gonna do anything, but u should have a firewall for these kind of sitations, i recomend zonealarm

    proud to be american

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    how dumb can u get?

    it's like stealing candy right under seller's nose.

    if you are using cracked software that provides on line services, like streaming video/audio, online games (like sims online) you r gonna get caught and prosecuted.

    although i am still baffled to date why cracked anti virus software can still get "free" virus definitions, maybe too many ppl doing it

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    I suggest you "share your thoughts openly"...


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