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Thread: Winxp Boot Installation - With Files On The Disk

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    I have a small query.. if I do a boot installation on to a disk drive with exisiting personal files, will it clear the disk and all data??

    I have a 180 gig drive, and realised that I needed to make sure it had XP on it.. as well as the GB's of videos, etc it has now..

    Thanks ever so much..

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    No, you have a few options when installing from xp disc and one of them is to leave the current file system intact

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    i will add though that a full format (not quick option) and clean install on an ntfs partition is recommended with xp. you could partition your drive with partition magic and store all the stuff you wanna keep in it and then do the above, you got a big enough drive

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    is it possible then?

    I just wanna have stuff in a folder on the disk, then install xp, without it formatting the disk in the process..

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    yes its possible just as boyzeee said, simply use partition magic to create a partition, move all your stuff into there and install XP onto the other! simple

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    ok, thanks. i'll give it a try.

    Also, if I switch between booting off different hard drives on XP, will it affect anything, or will it work as logically as it seems?

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    OK, thanks fcking great. I just tried to create new partition with PartitionMagic 8.0...

    It gives me 'error 1611 bad name'

    Now the disk partition doesn't even appear on Windows.

    I looked it up on a search.. and found out that this error sucks. I couldn't find a fix.

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    Just though i'd bring this back up.. incase anyone can help.. rather than repost a topic

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    scan disk and try to recreate partition

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    Originally posted by Kunal@4 November 2003 - 20:57
    scan disk and try to recreate partition
    how do you suggest I do that?
    You mean through Windows? Or PartitionMagic 8?
    Its not recognised in Windows like I said..

    edit. sorry I sound so moody.. lol


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