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Thread: Graphocs/display Problem

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    Hello. My problem is that when my pc starts, it sometimes changes resolution from 1280x1024 16bit to 640x480 16 colors. I try to change it but it will not go higher in size and the only other color mode is 256 colors. The hercules option tab in the display panel is also gone. I find I have to keep reb-booting or re-install the drivers to fix this. This happens randomly.
    Windows ME/256 SDRAM/900mhz celeron/Prophet 9000 64mb

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    I actually had this problem same problem when I was running Windows ME, I don't know if it was just because of the OS or not, but ME is a crappy Operating System.

    However, I don't see this problem anymore, after I installed Windows XP Pro.
    If I were you I'd upgrade anyway, ME just sucks, and while XP isn't perfect itís allot better than ME was, and with a 900 Mhz computer, you should have no problem running it.
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    drivers missing?

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    Check your AGP aperture size, I've seen reports that this sort of thing can occur if you set it too small (below 32MB).
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    Check your AGP aperture size
    Is in your bios(cmos) by the way set to 64 which is default.

    drivers missing?
    I agree not so much missing more of newer ones plus directX too.Check yopur disk to see if you have the right ones on.You should get at least 32bit with that card (64megs).


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