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Thread: Login Help

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    can you help me change my login i got the instructions but cant understand here it is :

    Backup (copy) the file %windir%\system32\logonui.exe (most likely C:\windows\system32\logonui.exe - the logon)
    Download the .zip to your computer
    Extract logonui.exe to a directory other than %windir%\system32 (most likely C:\windows\system32)
    Reboot your computer into Safe Mode (hit F8 before the boot screen) or into true DOS (from a boot disk)
    Overwrite the file %windir%\system32\logonui.exe (which should have been backed up) with the extracted exe
    Reboot your computer as you normally would

    can you put it in a way i can understand. i get it up to the overwrite part

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    Well, boot into safe mode, move the extracted file to C:\Windows\System 32, click yes when it says something like "there's already a file named logonui.exe. Do you want to overwrite it?" and reboot your comp...

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    i'v tryd 5 times and no new login screen must be me can you explain it all to me please

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    come on this hase been bugin me sence 4 and it 7 now please help just but it in simple terms 4 me

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    There aren't any simpler ways to put it. If you can't understand something as simple as booting into safe mode and replacing a file then you should step away from the computer right now, you don't belong on it.

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    never mind man i just did it sorry sadtoaster


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