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Thread: Help

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    i keep posting and posting but my post count wont go up! stuck at 133

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    Newb, perhaps because Off-Topic posts don't count.

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    what do you consider off topic. and ur a newb too

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    Oh I don't know, maybe the forums that are in the OFF-TOPIC section. Newb.

    What sets me apart from a newb like yourself is the fact that you seem to have a hard time understanding something as simple as names of forum sections.

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    shut up, u dumb toaster scotch guy

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    Originally posted by Terminator@31 October 2003 - 19:55
    shut up, u dumb toaster scotch guy
    Nice one. I'm dumb because I knew something you didn't and you got offended. Makes sense.

    I wonder why you would call the person who answered the question you asked dumb, I've got it! You're pathetic and can't think of anything better.

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    dumb toaster guy with infinite knowledge

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    yeah i hate that damn toaster
    Hey toaster dont be BiTch man be cool B)

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    Out of The Ordinary
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    Feb 2003
    Question answered, if You wanna keep on b******* do that via PM.



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