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Thread: Bittorent Quastion?

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    ok im downloading call of duty and right now its 51% done so the first cd is done but when i try 2 open it win gives me an error is this normal whit bittoren? do i have 2 wait till the hole thing is compleet? i have waited a long time till i got 51% done if its corupted im going MAD DO I HAVE TO BE WORIED RIGHT NOW?

    ps never liked bittorshit and still dont

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    u gota wait till the whole thing is done because if it says 51% done

    A) cd 1 might be bigger it could take 60% until its doen and
    B) you have to wait till its done because they have this thing where it doesnt download from cd 1 to 2 it downloads sectors it can start from the middle of the file too so like if the main seeder is gone then ppl can still get parts of dl...

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    OHHHH thank you now i can finaly get some sleep my head was almost exploding lol


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