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Thread: Green Screen?

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    I've had dsl for about a month now and I've been dling like a maniac. 50+ movies so far. Through trial and error I've learned to recognize some fakes/bogus files by their file size, blank screens, and previewing within the first 5 megs. But within the last couple days, I've seen some movies that start with green screens and then blury pixelated images but with correct sound. It this another movie industry trick or have my codecs gone screwy? I did install 2 different codec packs recently.

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    try installing the K-lite codec pack that should work

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    most likely a codec problem, try them in videolan ( ) it will preview anything and has its own codec built in, if it don't play, most likely a fake

    the green parts could be a ffdshow codec issue

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    i think that's usually a result of the codec reacting badly to corrupt frames. the corruption knocks the codec out of whack, and it doesn't recover properly.

    whichever codec it is, you might have better luck by replacing it with a different release of the same one (i.e. one DivX or XviD version may behave better than another). or if that doesn't work, you can try a filter that's compatible with the codec instead, like FFDShow or 3ivX. you've got a lot of options available, really.


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