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Thread: Emulaters

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    are there any emulators (emulaters) or how ever u spell it--- on the pc 4 ps2 ??
    if yes >> where ???
    can i play downloaded games on it ??? (downloaded - ps2 games--from suprnova)
    can i play without gamepad ??

    also are there any for the pc fro ps ?

    grateful for ur help


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    i need one myself ir u get a EMULAOTER give us a shot

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    do a search on kazaa 4 Ekaf, its the only 1 but it doesnt play 2 many commercial games, next time try doing a search and ull get much better and faster answers, or just read the pinned topics specifically about playing ps2 backups, mods, etc

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    ps2 emulators are quite rare if you can stick wiv n64, ps1 or gba but i have one link to a website that has one. ahhh here it is:

    its got a ps2 emultor on there but i havent tried it myself

    EDIT: yay 82 posts means im a member, no more mr newbie he he


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