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Thread: Mirc Efnet

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    i am trying to download some software of EFNET but it seems to me that the EFNET (irc:// is down (well it is for me)

    i was just wondering if u guys just check it out and let me know if it is working or not!!!

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    i just got logged in with mirc saturday morning 11.11 am
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    I somehow doubt efnet went down, there very big just the server your trying to connect with try this link for other servers just cut and paste the ip into mirc efnet severs try this for other nets sometimes when you can,t connect if you try a different server it helps

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    i installed sp1a and when i came back it banned me saying "banned clones not allowed on this server!" Problem is, without being able to log on to efnet i can't find any admins to e-mail to say what happened.

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