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Thread: Problem With Cd Rewriter

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    When i try to burn anything using nero 6 on my laptop it says there is another application using the device, so i cant burn anything. Can any1 please help as it is driving me nuts and i cant burn anything. I have tried uninstalling nero and installing it again but no joy, hope somke1 can help....Thank you.

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    no an answer as such but try to Ctrl/Alt/Del Kill off Explorer then restart Explorer see if that works

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    have u any other burning aps, that maybe came with oyur computer, has this just started happening, or alwayts been there? maybe inbuilt windows utility.

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    i recently had to wipe win xp and reinstall, i didnt have this problem b4, i had nero 6 and alcohol installed, but like i said i didnt have the problem b4. it allso says i have an e drive which is 1.7 gig, ( which i dont) weird problem like. at the mo im only using nero now, but still got same problem.

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    You DON'T have alcohol on !!! I recall seeing a problem like this that said alcohol uses a "ghost" drive its not that long back either.

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    i did but i uninstalled it now, now it doesnt show 2 cdrw drives, but it DOES say that another app is using the device, weird i know.......and doing my nut in

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    If your using windows xp, try going to

    control panel>Administrative Tools>Services and disable IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service then restart your PC.

    If that still doesnt work, right click on your burner icon and then see if it sais anything about "files waiting to be written to cd" or something like that and if it does, delete the files to be writen.


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