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Thread: Can Any1 Pleeeeeeease Help

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    My girlfriend wants the wigan pier collection 1-38 for christmas, i have been doing my nut trying to find them, tried irc/bt but there is only a couple around not the whole lot. If any1 can help id be willing to pay for them,Hope some1 can help.

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    lol you search on klite in music type buddys name and tons of songs come up. match the songs with the track list for the cd i dont think youll find all 30cds but it looks like there is lots

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    cheers ill try and see which 1s i can match up.....if not its back 2 the drawing board and a 1 way ticket to

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    if shes gonna dump ya over cds she aint worth it (unless shes abnormaly hot) neway good luck dling i know youll find some cds

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    got most of the later ones ...mail me...theyre yours for free....dont like to see a guy sufffer


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