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Thread: Mirc Downloads.

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    hello everyone, i was just wondering if pausing what you download from mirc then resuming it at another time currupts the file ?

    so far ive downloaded quite a few things that give me errors while extracting, i was just wondering is it because ive paused them and resumed them another time?

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    i've often found that pausing and resuming IRC downloads will lead to corruption
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    this is something I have never experienced from mIRC, although I never have downloaded more than 40MB&#39;s at a time

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    ok then, thank you for your replies.

    from now on ill leave my mirc downloads on overnight so there is no need to pause them.

    thank you once again.

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    Hello i just installed mIRC last night, and i stated a download and got a bout 250 megs done. i stopped it and then tried to download the same file this morning (to resume it) and it just wont load, i paste the code thing into the box and send it, just nothin happens after that.

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    shouldn&#39;t this download if it has so many slots??
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    the server may have been down

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    no , you may not be rolling ur download back far enough

    check out the noob irc guide for info on how to rollback ur download 1MB or more


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