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Thread: I Need Sum Icon Help

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    Ok i got these gr8 dreamweaver images

    and i tried 2 make them into desktop icons --- using Microangelo but look wot happens

    So can any 1 make thse macromedia images into cool icons 4 me PLZ PLZ -- or can any 1 give me sum help --- or can any 1 tell me of another icon prog instead of Microangelo...

    Thank U

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    livy that link is not working here

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    Image>Re Size.

    What program are you using for your icons too??

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    Originally posted by Livy@1 November 2003 - 14:33
    Photoshop is a lot better then ^ that.

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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    i know, but its a freeware program, pretty small, and it will do what he wants.

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    If them other programs that were mentioned arent working out, try out a program called Icon workshop its really good.

    I made just one of them and its really hard to get a round object with different shades in it to look good on different backgrounds espeacially white.

    Now you got me stuffing around with icon programs

    Ill have hours of fun now


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