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Thread: External Backup

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    Hi to all. Being on an old age pension (which isn't much&#33 I have thought of a way to earn a few dollars. A lot of people lose everything on their hard drive if it breaks down,or if the computer is stolen (this happened to me last year 2.30am while my Wife and I were in bed&#33 Or if their house burns down!
    So I was thinking if I bought a good external CD writer and a good easy to use backup program, I could put an ad in the paper and make a modest charge for my time and the CDs that I used to back up their hard drive and they could keep the CDs at a friends house!
    Well what I am asking for (information only&#33 Is what external CD writer do you know that will work with any computer except Mac and what backup program would you recommend?
    Thank you.
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    usb cd writer, and nero burning rom, but most people nowadays are able to back up there won data as most people have cd writers.

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    Thank you for answering!


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