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Thread: Learning Photoshop

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    Are there any resources/things to help me learn how to use Photoshop. I want to learn, and I went to they had some CD isos like "teach yourself photoshop" but I was wondering if any of you guys had ideas, suggestions, hashes? And yes yes I'm sure Google is a good resources but I meant any like "Photoshop Knowledge Compendium" type thing. A tutorial for someone who opened up Photoshop for the first time. thanks!

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    try typing in photoshop in the kazaa search and tick "everything", i got tons of stuff.

    ie. pdf's e-books videos
    just choose the sort of thing your looking for and d/load

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    Photoshop Tutorials posted by sharedholder

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    heres a couple of on-line spots:
    here and here
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    thanks guys


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