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Thread: What Is This Software

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    What is this software do Cyberlink power producer wat does it do ??//

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    CyberLink’s PowerProducer 2 is a revolutionary software that provides users with a complete and feature-richprogram for quickly and easily producing their videos and photos on DVD or CD.

    PowerProducer 2 focuses on making the process of authoring and burning DVD/CD movies a simple step-by-step process, which is ideal for non-tech savvy users. Fromstart to finish, PowerProducer 2 provides everything the user needs to easily produce their movies, such as, a completely Wizard based program, a built in “i-Help” FAQguide, and much more.

    PowerProducer 2 is also a product with a rich array of features, such as PowerDVD Auto-Play™ for viewing DVD movies on any PC, Disc Defragmentation for cleaning up & organizing content on DVDs, Disc Copy so users can makecopies of their CDs and non-CSS protected DVDs, and more. PowerProducer 2 also offers full support for DVD+VRso users can directly import DVD+VR video contents, produce their own editable DVD movies, and more.

    Speed is also a vital element of PowerProducer 2, making itideal for today’s fast paced society. It offers an array of features to save valuable time, such as SVRT for ultra fast video rendering, Instant MPEG for directly transferring DVfiles to MPEG, Right-to-Disc™ Recording so users can take video from their DV Camcorder and create a DVD moviewithout the need to write to a hard drive buffer first, and more.

    Additionally, PowerProducer 2 offers several unique features that make the process of producing DVD/CDmovies an enjoyable one. PowerProducer 2 includes various options for users to edit video files, create stylishphoto slide shows with transitions and background music, produce customized scene navigation menus, and much more.

    Without a doubt, CyberLink PowerProducer 2 is the idealsoftware for users to produce their movies and photos on DVD or CD, the easy, fast, and fun way!

    New in Version 2

    Editable DVD Production: DVDs can be produced for easy editing later on.

    Direct DVD Editing: DVD titles can be easily modified and updated.

    DVD Video Import: DVD-Video, DVD+/-VR, and DVD play list.

    Right-to-Disc™ Recording: Transfers DV files into DVD movies directly.

    Disc Copy: Users can copy CDs and DVDs (non-CSS)

    Disc Defragmentation: Optimizes disc space and improves performance.

    Audio Overlay: Instantly adds audio to video clips.

    Photo Transition Effects: Numerous 3D & 2D effects.

    DivX Format Support

    DSC Support: Directly acquires DSC photos

    Features and Benefits


    Video Capturing Auto detection of PC capture devices for simple capturing of video from a wide variety of devices: DV, TV, PC Camera, & Capture Card. Video can also be imported in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, DV-AVI, DAT, and DivX format.

    New DVD Import Now users can import their favorite videos from DVD Play lists, DVD-Video* and DVD+/-VR discs. (*Non-CSS)

    Three Encoding Qualities: HQ, SP, LP Users can select one of three levels to ensure their files are the right quality and/or size for their disc media.

    Right-to-Disc™ Recording New Allows users to record video directly from a DV camcorder to DVD, without the need to write to a hard drive buffer first. Reduces large hard disk drive requirements.

    Pre-defined Video Capturing Profiles Automatically defines the capturing profile when the desired disc output format is selected so users don’t need to configure the bitrate.

    InstantMPEG™ Transcodes DV files into MPEG in real-time. Saves valuable hard disk space and time.

    Auto-File Separation Will record until it reaches the disc size limit and then continue recording subsequent files. Makes it easy to put files on the desired disc media.

    Auto-Chapter Automatically separates a video file into chapters during the recording process for fast and easy chapter creation.

    Supports Both NTSC and PAL Video Formats Automatically configures the correct video format depending on the country selected for viewing.

    i-Help Guide In-program FAQs that guide users through the process of making their CD or DVD movies.

    Wizard-Based User Interface Easily guides users through the whole process of making a CD or DVD movie, from start to finish.

    New Acquires Photos from a DSC Users can directly acquire photos through WIA interface or USB (DSC camera, card reader, etc.) without the need for other software. Imports photos in JPEG and BMP formats.


    New Produces Discs in DVD+VR Format DVD movies can be assembled with menus, chapters, etc., in DVD+VR format, making it easy for future updates.

    Trim, Merge, and Split Video Offers a complete variety of tools that allow users to edit their video clips quickly & easily.

    Storyboard for Video & Photo Organization Users can arrange/organize video clips and photos on a storyboard, and add/delete any files.

    New Audio Overlay Users can add an extra audio track. Thus, users can replace unwanted audio, insert music, narration, etc.

    Video Special Effects 5 different special effects are available for instantly adding style to video clips.

    New Photo Slideshows. Now with Transition Effects Photo slideshows can be easily created with precision timing and displayed in landscape or portrait format. Users can also add background audio and insert transition effects to bring their photos to life.

    New Photo Archive Users can select to have their original (high quality) photo files saved on disc for convenient storage.

    Interactive & Customized Menus Users can easily produce unique navigation menus for easy viewing of video/photo files. Users can choose from over 40 background menu designs, or import their own background images. Menus can be further customized by adjusting the layout, adding button highlights, and more.

    First Play Video An introductory video clip can play before the menu screen is launched.

    Background Audio for Menus Users can add audio tracks to their menus to give a personalized touch. Audio tracks can be edited

    Save/Load User Menu Settings Users can save/load their favorite settings to instantly access a previously created menu style. Saves time.

    Create Chapters Chapters can be conveniently created in 3 ways: manually, by scene detection, or by number of chapters desired. For menus, users can create their own chapter thumbnails.

    New Edits DVDs with Ease Users can import existing DVD titles and fully edit them, even if created by other software programs.

    SVRT™ (Smart Video Rendering Technology) Renders MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and DV-AVI video faster than any other software on the market. Saves time and quality.

    Real-time Movie Preview Allows users to preview their finished projects in real-time to ensure “what-you-see-is-what-you-get”.


    Burn to Disc Image or Save as DVD Folder A completed movie, with menu(s), can be saved as a Disc Image for easy burning later on. All individual files can also be saved in a DVD Folder.

    Supports Major CD & DVD Writeable Formats Supports majority of CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW formats/ drives for convenience and compatibility. Updated list available on the CyberLink Web site.

    Supports Five Disc Creation Formats: Users can produce their movies in different formats, depending on their preference: DVD, VCD, SVCD, MiniDVD, and Editable DVD.

    Menu-less Production Video and images can be burned to disc, without a menu, for fast easy production.

    Disc Utilities Users can copy both CDs and non-CSS protected DVDs, erase them, etc. Complete tools for users to manage their discs.

    New Disc Defragmentation Users can defragment content on their re-writable DVDs so as to optimize space and improve playback performance.

    QuickBurn™ At any stage in the PowerProducer wizard, users can click the “QuickBurn™” button and burn their files to disc.

    PowerDVD Auto-Play™ Allows DVD titles to be easily played on any DVD drive, with no DVD playback software required.

    File Format Support Input

    Video: Live Capture, AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DAT, DivX

    Audio: MP3, WAV

    Image: JPEG, BMP


    DVD, VCD, SVCD, MiniDVD, Editable DVD, Disc Image, DVD Folder

    *PowerProducer 2 DE: This version offers all of the features available on the retail version but with some limitations – No Merge & Split video editing features and no Disc Defragmentation. DivX codec is optional.

    Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

    Memory: 128 MB RAM (256 or above is recommended). DV Tape to MPEG-2 (real-time) & Right to Disc™ Recording: DDR RAM recommended.

    VCD (MPEG-1) producing: PII 450MHz, or AMD Athlon 500 Mhz
    DVD (MPEG-2) producing: PIII 700MHz or AMD Athlon 700 Mhz
    DV Tape to MPEG-1 real-time capture: PIII 800MHz or AMD Athlon 800 Mhz
    DV Tape to MPEG-2 real-time capture: P4 2.0GHz or AMD Athlon 1.7GHz
    DV Tape to AVI real-time capture: PII 450 or AMD Athlon 500 Mhz
    DV Tape to MPEG-1/MPEG-2 non real-time capture: PII 450 or AMD Athlon 500 Mhz
    Right-to-Disc™ Recording: P4 1.8G or AMD Athlon 1.6 Ghz

    Video Capture Device:
    Analog video capture: USB or PCI capture devices compliant to WDM standards
    DV Camcorder video capture: IEEE1394 I/O devices compliant with OHCI standards Hard Disk Space:
    MPEG-1 (VCD) files: 1G or higher is recommended
    MPEG-2 (DVD) files: 10G or higher is recommended

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    lol Rizindon you asked now you got a lot of reading to do. nice reply...lots of info in it

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    Can't get more info in an answer than this!
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    lol very useful

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    does this mean i can turn avi into vcd or dvd LOL

    i aint got tiem to read all that


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