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    my original post was deleted cause no warez links are allowed, even tho my links went to pages only and were not direct links to warez files. anyway, i find this info very valuable, so i'm providing a direct link to the source where i got it.



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    The rules apply to indirect links too.

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    my bad, i thought it was only for direct links

    why do so many other boards allow direct links and even serials and others don't?
    i don't think any of the boards that do have had any trouble, just curious


    i guess a link to or would be against the rules, too -- since u can get warez links immediately. i think this is bullshit and a lie. i linked to a forum page, nothing more. i've made several, upon several links to just alone and they are never deleted.

    this is the first board i know of that does this. on most boards h**p:// links are accepted as they are not active.

    if there are those that wish to find a forum where u can get direct links to any media, post any serial, and basically forget about paranoid rules check out or astaforum for starters. has especially helpful members and u dont' ever find those people who just like to post cynical posts to fuck with people just trying to help


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