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Thread: Windows Problem

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    OK, so my computer crashed for some odd reason, wouldn't start up, but I still had all the stuff on my hard drive. So, then I accidently installed another copy of WindowsXP instead of overwriting the old one, so I need to know how to delete the old installation.


    OK, here's my second problem. On my old Windows installation, I made my user account's documents only avaliable to my account, and other account couldn't access them. So using my new installation, I can't get into them, and I can't use my old installation cause it doesn't work.

    Please help meee!

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    the frst problem did u use a backup cd thing? if u so put it back in and look for un installing thing otherwise your screwed
    hmmm i guess im not much help

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    Anyone else?

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    Originally posted by Joey13@2 November 2003 - 03:39
    Anyone else?
    how bout posting this under "softwareworld"?

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    Don't know about your other problems but this will get your files back, worked for me when I reinstalled xp
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    you could acesss your HD from Windows PE. run an anti virus and disk check and back up files on to cd

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    I agree this should be in software world, i take it the second copy of wndows xp works fine? Thats what I did when i screwed windows (too much experimenting with the .DLL's ), I just installed new version, copied my docs and files from the old windows system files (using the new installation of windows XP) and simply deleted the old for your other problems, i woke up about 10 mins ago, I'll come back to them later


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