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Thread: Quick Question

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    i live in ny in bklyn. I wanna get true crimes streets of la the day it comes out. i dont got a preorder. will they give it to me?

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    it because of the misleading topic title
    why do they do stupid shit like that
    others like read me now or please read now typically get changed by a mod to reflect a proper title to the question

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    I agree when you ask a question, title it pertaining to what you will be talking about.

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    damn, over 5000 views!!!!

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    OT:Terminator are you the same Terminator that jusing this signatuer In a land wehre 1+1=11 im the king in the CoD Forums?

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    no im not that terminator

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    I bet hes just folding F5.....

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    i think you have to be and adult to purchase true crimes

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    i know that. my question is, will they give it to me without a presale?

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