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Thread: Cable Ppv

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    does anyone know how to get the PPV's that are on cable. ie. the concerts,specials,boxing, wrestling etc. Coz u cant just search for theses on k-lite.
    Is it possible to get this months PPV's? Anyone got any or know how to get any?

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    order it from your cable company

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    yeah thats real great dude. Anyone got any real responses.

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    you gotta buy a sattilite but dont go on any plan just buy a card umlimited moves all ppv you want likr 50 channels of porn all that shit so but saatillight buy card and buy an encoder for card my aunt does this in mexico it costs like 2bills or somthing

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    this is for if you got dish

    I already got one ordered. Hoo-ray for my newbish ass.

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    i already got a dish but i got a plan.
    So how do you use that XtremeDish ISO Programmer? Where do u plug it in?

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    PS/2 slot.

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    but i have a plan

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    what's a "plan"?

    stealing satellite service oughta be much easier than stealing digital cable, since all you need to do is use a hacked account card that you reprogram with a PC connector-- if the satellite company "zaps" your card, just program the card again.

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    Originally posted by shoutman@4 November 2003 - 04:06
    but i have a plan
    satellite is the best very hard to get caught, cable OTOH


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