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Thread: Msn (system Shutdown)

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    Everytime I go into MSN Explorer, this pop up comes up saying "System Shutdown" and it starts at 1:00 and counts down til it's time to restart the computer. I always have to use my calendar to be able to use the internet. Is something wrong with my pc?

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    uninstall MSN explorer from Add/Remove Windows Component
    make sure ur AV has the latest definitions
    unplug internet connection
    run AV
    run windows scandisk

    It seems like a Policy has been set for the user ur logged in under (are u logged in as an admin of the pc?)

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    My AV doesn't work.
    MSN doesn't appear when I goto the uninstall Windows Component.
    I've been unplugging it.
    And Where is the ScanDisk?
    I am a Admin of my PC, yes.

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    Get a working AV, i think you have the msblast virus. I cant believe that nasty virus is still crawling.

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    go to symantec, get the trial version for now (corporate), install, update definitions, unplug internet connection
    skip MSN for now, follow above
    follow above
    Double-click My Computer, and then right-click the hard disk drive you want to check.
    Click Properties, and then click Tools.
    In Error-checking, click Check Now.

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    Yeah its the mblast worm, get a firewall. Like sygate, there is a way to stop it without a firewall but i dont know offhand.


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