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Thread: Cable Tv, Foxtel Etc..etc..

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    hey all, i was just wondering if you could post what country you are in and what kind of extra channels you can get ?

    like here in australia we have foxtel, and american i think its called cable tv.
    i was wondering if anyone has that channedl called TV TOKYO ?

    anyways, with foxtel we can only get about 50 channels, half of wich are sport and news

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    Sky.about 50 something channels & digital radio,being put up to 19.50 per month in Jan 2004 for basic family channels

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    NTL but its been screwing up all weekend, repair guy is having a look at it monday, but when it does work, it rocks, dont know how many channels but in my opinion a little too many

    1 Mb Broadband, rocks

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    i pay 37 a month or so, ofr sky digital and the channels go from 101 to 999. except the last 25 or so are ppv porn.


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