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Thread: Matrix Revolution

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    Come on then dudes it should be out soon, lets start the frenzy early, anyone seen it around yet.

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    i am ready :beerchug:

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    I have seen it its class it has the best ending ever,

    And just for u lot who dont believe me i will tell u how i have seen it, i work for a company who has a deal on with the cinema were we get in for free and they get free stuff of our company and they got the film in the other day and the had a private showing last night for all the staff and thats how i have seen it dont beliee me if ya dont wanna cos i couldnt give a fuck!!!

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    prove it ! give us a spoiler !

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    I don't know how did he...

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    why? because someone should rip it soon and everyone can dwld it fool

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    keep posts in one place, check the verifieds if it is out !


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