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View Poll Results: Do You Use Socks 5 Proxys?

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    12 22.64%
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    20 37.74%
  • What the hell are socks 5 proxys??

    21 39.62%
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Thread: How Many People Actualy Use Socks 5 Proxys

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    I am interested to know, i post my fair share of proxy lists and i'm just wondering if it worth it or not continuing to do so.

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    Now i've got the poll( thanks [B][O][T] ), do you use socks5?
    i personally dont use kazaa that much so i dont worry about socks 5 proxys but i test lists and post them just to help out those who need them.

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    For anybody who doesnt know what they are can check out REALITY's post here
    basicly they are sercurity added to kazaa were the program uses a proxy address to upload and download from, this means if someone like the riaa downloads from you they only see the proxys ip and not your own, the proxys that i list are usally in non-english speaking countrys or countrys who dont give too hoots about copyright so it's unlikey they can even get in contact with the admins nevermind in the same language.

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    I dont often use them, mainly because i on a 56k as it is an using socks proxys just slows me down even further, Plus the fact that they it is very hard to find reliable ones that work for kazaa. I thankyou for posting the ones so far, im sure they are exceptionally helpfull to those who use kazaalite lots.

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    I'm not sure it's really worth it anymore looking at the response to this poll , oh well

    Might as well give the poll a little longer.

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    dont use Kazaa all that much anymore, but when i do, i dont bother.
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    Well I do from time to time when using KL++, although I have had the same concerns about posting them as well, however I have had quite a few PM from people who do. I would think a post a week is plenty unless there are riots for more than that...

    I think I&#39;ll add a link here from the pinned post...

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    I don&#39;t use them, because I think they might slow down my speed.

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    Originally posted by Sparkle1984@3 November 2003 - 16:59
    I don&#39;t use them, because I think they might slow down my speed.
    Same here.

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    proxies? are these servers I can use kazaa over them ? so noone

    can detect me so easily?

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