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Thread: External Usb2.0 Hds..

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    Im planning on buying either a external 160 gb or 120 gb.. but im having trouble trying to figure out if it needs cooling or does it come with it? are external usb hd's reliable enough? and also.. since i already have 180gb.. should i buy the 120gb or just go for the 160gb? (money wont be a problem by the time i get the money to buy it) so lay down your opinions and ill be back at the end of the day!
    Thank you.

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    An external HDD is simply an internal drive in a box.

    Heating/cooling should be less of an issue since it isn't cooped up in your PC case with all the other heatproducing components.

    How should we know what your size requirements might be? If you look at old topics in this forum you'll see that users here have a very wide range of HDD sizes installed. Decide that for yourself.

    If money isn't an issue, could you send me some?
    Appreciate it.
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