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Thread: Photoshop Cs

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    used parodax crack got file from shareaza

    problem was posted in the closed thread? Anyone else come across it? Since working on photoshop w/out shortcuts is a bitch lol... i reinstalled a few times, deleted all the registeries and folders as well... still the same problem... i think it has to do w/ the crack

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    Err just found out something

    i installed photoshop cs in my other computer and didnt install the crack and the short cuts work fine (Examples: Ctrl + N, Ctrl + O, DLT)

    then i put the crack and none of it worked

    so the PARADOX crack has glitches... arggg

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    yea i kno it suxs

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    so im guessing either people download the program for storage or something since no ones been reporting this problem...

    i need to find a new crack... since this is annoying w/ no shortcuts...

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    I think you need to get the newer Paradox Crack - the one that is 1150kb in size.
    Then you can replace the TW10122.dat file with the newer one = 248kb in size.

    This seemed to fix the keys for me. Now I would like to find a crack that doesn't have the PARADOX splash screen.

    But, If I have to see this short splash screen to use this program ... It's well worth it.

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    Get the TDA crack. It works perfectly.

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    Originally posted by Supernatural@14 November 2003 - 21:11
    Get the TDA crack. It works perfectly.
    Ditto - Im Using That Copy As We Speak

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    Is The TDA crack available from Kazaa ?

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    wow how did my old post get popped up into the top?... lol i got the new paradox crack w/ logo if anyone wants pm me... currently downloading the tda verison thro shareaza

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    This is probably a daft question but I'm new to this whole crack business, here goes anyway;
    Will the TDA crack work on any version of Photoshop CS or only on the TDA version?

    I've seen the TDA version on Bittorrent but, as I've already taken the time to download the Paradox version (I haven't installed it yet), I'd rather not go to the trouble of downloading it again.

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