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Thread: Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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    I just downloaded balck hawk down ( the pc game) off suprnova,

    it contains filesnames like this ims-bfbd.001

    It has that same filename from 001 to 041 and also contains a spv file.

    do i need daemon tools? It doesn't have a game icon. Do i need nero?

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    Select them all and open them with winrar then winiso.

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    Originally posted by KoKaNe_II@2 November 2003 - 16:57
    Select them all and open them with winiso
    ok now he's just talking crazy use Winrar to extract the first file!

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    Yes i meant winwar (just woke up)

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    I burned the cue file on nero 6 and when the autorun loads up i click inand nothing

    happens! Whats wrong?


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