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Thread: Ntl And Peerguardian

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    LOL, we have and will never have NTL in our city, where I live, but here they are trying to get at my PC,why are they snooping on non NTL customers?

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    This is very debatable whether they are snooping.
    It's probably just a KaZaA User.
    For more info about NTL and Peer Guardian Go HERE

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    this has been a big drama over at the pg forum (personally i never thought it was anti p2p related but couldn't convince many ppl there- now they seem to have finally acknowledged it's not anti p2p lol)- the most sense that has been so far of it might be this from moore:

    also see this bit of info regarding NTL i just got from the supernova test forum*from Killerg

    NTL have dropped their 1GB a day limit after many complaints. it silently withdrew it. it took about 2 months after they announced it for it to disappear.

    and as of NTL being blocked by PG i was told they ping u to see how ur speed is. its to make sure u havent cracked/unlimited ur connection. if they get a odd response, whatever that may be, they will investigate to make sure u havent uncapped ur cable connection. if they find u have they will cancel ur connection and if ur on a contract u will have to live it out with no connection. im sure they could sue u as well but that is a lot of hassle. u have no come back if ur on a contract.*
    but yeah as cosmic doobie pointed out you can check out the drama there- basically i'm trying to get the ranges removed from the pg db and replaced with the individual ip flooders coz the three ranges comprise over 50,000 ips lol (and than means legit file sharers are getting blocked)

    where i'm keeping track of the individual ip flooders:

    ntl drama thread


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